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Time-lapse-film van het Noordzeekanaal aan boord van bulkcarrier ‘Ostrako’.
De tijd gaat 50x sneller dan ‘realtime’.
In opdracht van Provincie Noord-Holland, 2005.

Short Circuit

A short circuit is wonderful, painful, dangerous, unpredictable and ecstatic all at the same time. Picture the world of molecules, electricla voltage and chaotic discharges, brought to life in musical patterns and animated geometric figures. Animation by cineaste José Vonk.


Based on the music of Hans Muller, this film is a choreographed depiction of speed and transportation during travel. The experience of the passenger gazing out of the window.
Animation by cineaste José Vonk.


ANTIHELDEN (ANTIHEROS) is a reflection upon the idea of a female antihero. Made as a component of a memorial program dedicated to the Dutch visual artist Adri Boon. Animation by cineaste José Vonk.